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On this site, I share everything I've learnt about becoming a highly effective entrepreneur (without sacrificing your soul and every waking hour in the process).

This Website is Not My Business

If you're tired of online marketing gurus, success coaches and people who's only income is from teaching other people how to make an income, you're in the right place. 

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In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. The shortcut. The "growth hack". The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a well-trodden path to failure. Here, we focus on building real entrepreneurial skills.

Freedom > Money

For me, creating an online business isn't primarily about money. It's about freedom. You can easily become a slave to chasing ever-larger paychecks. What's the point in escaping the corporate rat race, only to join the startup rat race?

Here are a few things about me:

  • quit college because I couldn't face doing something I wasn't passionate about any longer. I decided to stop forcing it and left to create my own business.
  • In 2017! I Started online business a hobby. and early i become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • I am a Software developer and i like to develop a marketing related  product  
  • I like to teach people how to create a successful online business using affiliate marketing.
  • would like to help people who want to build online business using affiliate marketing.

I mention all this here, just to clarify that when I talk about online business, I do so from actual experience. I'm not a blogging-about-blogging blogger who's only business is teaching blogging. ?

My basic philosophy is all about developing skills.

Highly successful businesses are created by highly skilled, highly effective entrepreneurs. Tips, tactics and information can only get you so far – there is simply no substitute for experience.

I apply this philosophy to everything I do in life, whether it be martial arts or public speaking and it has served me well.

My main purpose in the internet marketing space to find great skills from great leaders and build a world-class online company and share all highly effective skills with a new audience.

What is Subhash Yadav About?

This is basically personal branding website . Here I would like to share my ideas , thought marketing experience, life story, business growth and many more thought by post video, and podcast. 

What is Our Mission 

Build A Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business Right Now.

If you are following your passion and you want to turn your passion into online business.
why do you monetize your passion with affiliate marketing? because affiliate marketing is the most successful business on the internet. millions of people have already transformed their life with affiliate marketing.
our goal is to share a real working affiliate marketing strategy and secret principal to build your online unshakeable affiliate marketing business without creating your own product.

Traffic & Conversion 

In the online world traffic is the soul of every online business. Without traffic, no one can grow their online business. And if you're facing the same kind of problem traffic and conversion then you are coming to the right place. Subhash is the master of traffic generation and conversion.

Our main goal is to help millions of online businesses who don't know how they can generate laser targeted traffic to their business and how they can get the massive conversion. Our traffic and conversion are unique and powerful. Vimal gives you an exact blueprint and how you can generate millions of leads to your online business.

Hey, my dear friend.

Today I will tell about myself how I have become an internet entrepreneur. What is the reason behind making me an entrepreneur and how I struggled to succeed in it? But first I would like to tell about myself.

Subhash Yadav

Our Early life

My dear friend, my name is Subhash Yadav and I am a boy living in a village in Ayodhya state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently, I live in Lucknow. And I have loved the Internet since childhood. I like studying on the internet more than school. And that is why I am successful in the world of the Internet today.

 I always keep learning something on the Internet so that I can improve my skills and get the work of those who need me. I am 22 years old and at the age of 22, I rose above my financial situation. And I became financially free.

I came to know about the internet when I was studying in class 9 but I had no such facility that I could use this root properly.

And because I belong to a peasant family, the village does not have such facilities so that we can do modern education.

But still, in mind, there was something big to be done and there was complete faith in God, due to which many ups and downs started coming to life.

School time

After passing class 10, I took admission to class 11 and started studying. But in fact, I was not very much interested in books that I read books for many hours. And I did not like to write at all. And this was the reason that I have been beaten up many times by the teacher for not writing in school.

Subhash Yadav

But in class 11, I had some friends who were really very intelligent and sharp-minded. People also used to talk about some of the Lieutenant and Successful people when there was interval time and whenever there was an empty hour, and he also brought some books from outside and read them.

And at the same time, I also liked to know and read about the greatest people with him.

And out of all those friends, some of my friends used to go to study at an outside institute to get computer education. And when he came back, he used to talk new and unheard-of things about the computer, the information he used to tell was really very interesting and attractive to him.

During this time, my tendency also started to attract computer learning. But because of the financial condition of my house at that time, where did I go to stay for a few days.

But still, I used to meet with them and ask about things about computers and the internet and at that time I did not know that it was creating my burning desire.

Computer education was not imparted in our school at that time, due to which countless children studying in the school that their desire to learn computer remained incomplete.

A few months after that when the 11th standard last exam was over yesterday, I got admitted to a computer institute for computer training during the summer holidays.

By the grace of God, that day was very beautiful and memorable for me when I moved out of my school and started training to do my favorite work.

It was my first day when I learned myself while learning computer education that I had been thinking for many years, but in reality, it had never been possible for me.

And the way the teacher taught at that computer institute was very fantastic and wonderful. Or she taught computers in this way, any illiterate person could learn computer training very easily and very soon.

Subhash Yadav

And it happened to me that I completed the course of a few years in a few months. And along with completing, he also acquired many more such course information. Which takes a lot of time to learn.

I was able to learn computer training so quickly because I had already thought that I had to get computer training as soon as possible, it was already made in the goal. Due to which my mind and mind were completely stable and was supporting me in one direction.

Now I was about to complete the last exam of Ten Plus Two that I started getting offers from many institutes for training as a computer teacher.

But I just did not prepare myself for this and I refused.

But when I finished the inter final exam after that I was appointed as a computer teacher in an institute.

This was the first job of my life which I got only at the age of 17 years. And in fact, I found it very good to train the people of my own country and to train people even older than me. Because our knowledge was increasing day by day and it was benefiting others too.

But the first income I received in this job was 1500 rupees, $ 20 / m. But even then it was enough for me because I was still studying in school.

Subhash Yadav

Now I really did not have any desire towards schooling, due to which I did not like to go to college or take admission or study, but still, I did not have any other option, I admitted to B.Com in a private school.

But in fact, due to my lack of internal desire, I did not like to take classes at all and there were many reasons why I could not go to college mostly. Like teaching at the institute, then preparing for competition, and then love story ? and a lot of work.

Commercial life.

When I was studying as a teacher in the institute and I was also studying in BCom 1st year, during that time I was offered by someone to work in a company. While there was actually an MLM company, the person did not tell me about it at that time.


And this was the first failure of my life which was going to start. Then I decided to go to him one day after offering him many times. In fact, I met that person only once, yet I believed in him and agreed to go to him.

And when I reached that company and saw the presentation, I really did not understand anything but after that, I joined that company due to mindlessness. After that, as if everything in my life was going to be bad.

Use MLM company I started failing constantly due to which many friction and physical problems started happening. I was working in it for several months continuously, yet I did not know how many problems started to be created in life, which I cannot possibly tell.

He had many branches of MLM company and it was not as if he had the facility of living. And sometimes I used to go out for some marketing work from that company

Subhash Yadav

At that time, I do not have enough money to buy a train ticket or some stuff to satisfy my hunger. And after buying two tickets many times, there is no money to satisfy hunger, so in this case, I had to stay hungry and do marketing. Even then I used to fail

Even after working for 17 months, I was not able to do anything in it and every day I was failing that in fact I did not know how to do MLM and did not like it.

Frustrated and decided in 1 day that I should leave this company or else it will spoil the whole future.

A few days after the decision, the main use MLM company left.

And now I did not have a single option that I could work on. And there was no way that I could find a new job. One of my hardest days was a hard day. When God was testing me.

When my brain stopped working at all. Nothing was understandable as to which path you should take in life.

Yet when we remember God wholeheartedly and ask for something from him, he definitely supports us.

Despite failing in this way, I did not want to waste or waste even 1 day because due to complete failure in network marketing, many people started criticizing me today.

I mean when I was in trouble during the days of struggle and I had failed, then people also felt very good criticizing me, whose life is really over already.

Accountant in Samsung:

Then on the same day, I took some important certificates from home and went to a cousin living in Noida. And I traveled to Delhi by train without a ticket.

Traveling without a ticket was a bit risky for that time, yet at that time, the passion was such as to just pass some house. Because it is better to stay at home than listen to the criticism of all those people

 Whether I have been a failure or a success, I have been moving forward continuously.

 Now these things do not matter, just keep moving forward and that was the thought in my mind at that time and it is the same today

As I reached town from a village in Taisi and I came out from village to city where everything was new for me, new people, new places and everything.

But everything seemed fine to me in the city but one thing was bothering me again and again was the crowds and the noise, the coriander and the very lack of trees than the village, due to which I also saw a lot of pollution. Had been.

After moving to the city, he started trying to find a job there. My situation in the city became as if I am swimming in a lake and I am not getting any edge.

I have been searching for jobs for several consecutive days, but 20 days have passed, yet I could not find any job. I came to the city at all and I knew nothing about the manner and the rites there.

But on the 21st day, I looked for it, it reached Samsung's outlet showroom. I talked to an employee who worked there and he requested me from his head.

After that, I was told to wait and after waiting for many hours, I got an opportunity to work there.

That day again I got another success after continuous efforts. It was a very happy day for me, thanked God again for the whole day and prayed to him that anything and how bad it may be in life, but you will never Leave with

And there I got an opportunity to work on an accountant's post where I had a monthly salary of ₹ 8500, yet I was happy that I was getting out of that swampy network marketing and doing something new

Subhash Yadav

And after coming for a few months from an accountant's job, I used to constantly search and read new things on the Internet. That I really did not like to work now.

I spend most of my time alone so that I know what is really going on inside me, what I want and what I do not want. And it seemed at that time that I should do something new now because life was starting to look like a race.

Because early in the morning, get ready and get ready for work at 9:00 and then come back at 8:00 in the evening and everything had to be done in the room again. Life had become such that it seemed like we are running every day. And don't even know where to go

Life was just like a circle, getting up at 7:00 am, going to work at 9:00 am, going to lunch at 2:00 am, getting back from work at 8:00 am, sleeping at 10:00 am, then getting up at 7:00 am. It seemed that we are moving very fast in a circular round and the oven was also getting hit.

And I started thinking that it is better to run into this revolving circle and do something new and get rid of this job. But at that time there was no other plan in my mind and no ID yet.

Then I saw someone's website on the internet one day which looked very beautiful and I felt that it is very easy to create a website on the internet and I should learn from it.

This was the day that I woke up to the desire to step into the world of the Internet. In fact, at that time I did not know that I would later become an Internet entrepreneur on the Internet.

But before I learned anything on the internet, I did what someone gave you and I ran the village, I gave up some quick jobs, I should not have done this, yet no one.

And now I was absolutely free

Now I am constantly searching for new things and growing. But he did not really understand how to start. And in a post-it was found out that people also become millennials through the internet and millions of rupees can be earned.

Then I searched the first keyword on the internet "How to make money online"

After that, I became even more confused because not many people were telling different ways to earn money on the internet.

And when I read his videos, I sometimes know that he used to try the ways and sometimes tried the methods of others, but in fact, no one method proved to be effective for earning money.

After searching and studying continuously for several months, I became aware of some freelancing and blogging.

After that, I created a free website and started putting Adsense on it. This is about 2017, at that time it was very easy to get the approval of Adsense than today. AdSense could also be obtained by creating a free blog.

But because of not knowing about traffic and SEO, traffic was not known at all and in fact, I did not know how to write a blog.

But not me, I was always ready to learn things very fast. And now I was bored with blogging because I was not able to make any profit due to lack of correct knowledge and I quit blogging.

After that, I started trying freelancing and I created fiber.com my freelancing account. From there, I started getting some orders and some earning started, but due to not being very low oh, I did not feel that I could do more work freelancing.

After that, I did an e-commerce train where I created my own store on Shopify. At that time, due to my lack of knowledge about e-commerce, I was neither able to select the right product nor marketing it, due to which I did not receive a single order and my biggest spread on the internet Was for me.

After that, I also tried many small works.

Such as. Survey offer, data entry, capture fail, email submit and more.

But now due to lack of income, I was a little upset and I made up my mind not to do inter marketing anymore.

Still, I kept doing research and studying and after that, I came to know about affiliate marketing which really proved to be God gifted for me.

I was constantly learning in it and as soon as I followed it, the result started coming. My first cell click came from the bank when I promoted Cleekbank University through email marketing.

Subhash Yadav

Since that day I have not looked back and have been learning and doing new ways about Affiliate Marketing day by day. After that, I started working on Jvzoo, warrior plus, Clickbank, maxbounty CPA network and also affiliate networks from where I started getting very good.

After that, I accepted Vic Strike, the founder of 4%, the great guru of affiliate marketing, as my mentor. And I joined 4 percent and started learning the Deep Label Blueprint of Affiliate Marketing. I slowly understood the affiliate marketing game plan. After that, I also crossed many leader boards on Gwalior Plus and also promoted high ticket offers, which started coming more and more.

And today I generate five to six-figure income through monthly affiliate marketing.

And now I have also launched my own course somewhere and every day I keep sharing information related to affiliate marketing on this website for free. Which you can learn more every day.

If my life's little life story has started and in which you need people.

I will keep sharing day-to-day information related to affiliate marketing for you people, you can get updates daily by email subscription.

And one thing you have given so much time to read and learn about us, I will always be indebted to it. But I thank you that you gave me so much precious time.

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